Our Charter

Welcome to Carouge Accueille!

Before we begin the adventure, we thought it would be useful if you read our charter to find out what we are about …

By joining us, you participate in its implementation.

It can be modified, evolving according to needs.

If you have any comments or suggestions, let us know and let’s talk about it!

Charter of Carouge Accueille

Preamble to the preamble

The feminine form adopted in this charter encompasses male forms.


Carouge Accueille is a collective of solidary citizens who propose a place where refugees and migrants from here and elsewhere can meet.

We do our best to offer and maintain conditions encouraging the encounter and the creation of links between people from all walks of life.

In this shared environment and thanks to the volunteers present, Carouge Accueille welcomes your initiatives and develops various activities enriched by the contributions of all of the participants.


With all the people who come to Carouge Accueille, from here or elsewhere, we want to establish relationships that are:

  • egalitarian and respectful
  • without any expected compensation
  • benevolent and warm
  • empathic and discreet
  • strengthening the dignity and sense of usefulness of all
  • conducive to the development of trust and friendliness
  • encouraging and improving the use of French.


We hope that all of you will be welcomed, in the spirit of the values above.


We wish to establish close and personal relations between ourselves and our visitors. To achieve this, we vary the environment, making sure that exchanges don’t get frozen into repetitive patterns. We also want to ensure that no one remains alone, except by choice.

Carouge, Thursday, August 31, 2017